Refining Manufacturing Capability Through Robotics
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Deep Motion Autonomous Integration Ltd.

Deep Motion Autonomous Integration Ltd.,(DMAI) is Robot Operating system and solution provider co-founded by engineers with extensive experience in robotic automation and industry. We specialise our selves on process automation, control systems development and design and construction of innovative production solutions. Together with our partners we offer our customers System, Sub-system solution and software customization in the various dynamic market segments including Aviation, Factory Automation, Infrastructure, Life Science, Medical & Healthcare, Metal work, Semiconductor and Transportation with the latest technology in use.
DMAI develops solutions which sustainably automate your production processes. We plan and implement automated systems for you and take on the conversion of existing systems to improve sustainability and efficiency. Our portfolio covers from individual system components, tools and fixtures through automated production cells all the way to your turnkey system.
DMAI provides automated solutions from a single source to customers from a wide range of industries. in these areas of activity in particular: Cooperative Robotic / industry robotic Hardware and Software Integration, Electromechanical Design of Automation System, Robotic debugging, Robotic training, Robotic Maintenance.