Refining Manufacturing Capability Through Robotics
  Grinding / Polishing

Metal mechanical parts after welding the surface polished

Polishing and grinding of locomotives andorb parts

Metal hand tools polished grinding, such as kitchen、bathroom metal parts

Metal phone case, tablet computer

Aluminum rims are cast to the inner edge of the deburring

  Robotic Material Handling and Robot Bending Solutions

Machine tending is dangerous work for even the most experienced professionals. Robots reduce the need for human interaction by automating the machine loading and unloading process.

Robot Bending cell can efficiently complete one job after another. No time is lost preparing the machine or installing the materials. This makes production more profitable, even for smaller orders. For exceptionally heavy or complex parts, even a single piece can be automatically produced in an economic way.

  •  Robot as the center, with the surrounding equipment, automatic machine tools, cutting system integration project.Widely used areas such as Punch Press, bending machine, Palletize, CNC machining.

  Technical support:Robot Force Torque System

Provide Force/Torque sensor system measures all six components of force and torque.The robot is responsible for position and action, attitude, power control system is responsible for maintaining strength and absorption position error.Force/Torque sensors are used throughout industry for product testing, robotic assembly, grinding and polishing. Besides, the sensors system are used in robotic surgery, Haptics, rehabilitation, neurology and many others applications.

  Technical support:Robot Training


We ensure that within the first day your operators have already learned to move the robot and to enter his/her first program.Our goal is to ensure your operators are improving productivity, decreasing downtime, reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing safety from the start. Our training programs are designed to provide the best learning environment or on-site training possible. 


  Technical support:Robot Vision

Provide powerful tool with the 2D/3D Camera for range imaging, Manufacturers will be able to build more flexible production cells and robots can be made more effective and used in a wider range of applications:

  • Robot control and safety

  • Measurement of object position and size

  • Quality Control

  • Vehicle navigation

  Technical support:Robot Maintenance

From the on-site robot service to preventive maintenance, Our service and support is there when you need us. With knowledgeable training trained and tested at OEM facilities, our support staff provided quality repairs and maintenance on robots.We work hard to keep your customers satisfied With quality and thus maintenance of their robotic systems.


  Technical support:Robot Programming

Provide robot programming support including delivery of optimized systems that meet safety requirements and design intent. our robot programming specialists implement their knowledge of the latest robot technologies to provide innovative and cost effective solutions, designed to improve efficiency and exceed customer expectations.